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In 2013 Rotary International introduce a significantly revised visual branding and visual identity program. The program calls for strict changes in logo style and use as well as a general graphics overhaul program.  The primary visualization guidelines require a timely conversion and revision of myriad of visual elements currently in use.


You can learn about all of the important changes as well as download scores of print-ready, Internet-ready logos and graphics. You will find everything you need at Rotary’s Brand Center including compliance branding guidelines, resources and a vast image library.  There is even an app that will build a club logo that meets the branding layout rules.

Visit Brand Center first.

You will need to log-in with your My Rotary password.

IMPORTANT: If you plan to regularly use official Rotary graphics, logos, and images, you should have a My Rotary account and use the materials and brand image guidance specified by Rotary. The Rotary logos specified today are different from the ones used just a few years ago. The color specifications are predetermined and should be adhered to in your layout and designs. Therefore, to keep up to date work with the materials to be found in the Brand Center which you can only reach by logging into My Rotary at



Below are quick downloadable versions of the visual style guide, a “cheat sheet” for easy reference and a prepackaged zip file of current Rotary logos. If you don’t find what you need here, visit Rotary’s Brand Center.


Visual Identity Guidelines Manual

You’ll find everything you need to update your website, newsletters, and brochures in Tell Rotary’s Story | Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines. The new signature and mark of excellence are explained and available for download. More tools and resources are now available and in the pipeline.

Are your website and printed materials using the correct logos, colors, and layouts? Go to the Brand Center and download these guidelines.

Download the guide at Brand Center


Identity-at-a-Glance Summary Chart

This is an excellent quick reference guide to have at your side when you are in the midst of working on a website, promotional flier, designing a tee-shirt, or club banner, etc.

While this one-page chart doesn’t have all the answers, it is helpful in anticipating some of the more common questions about graphic placement, typography choices, colorization, technical specifications and branding rules.

Download the chart here


Rotary Logo Packages

There are five handy pre-packaged logo collections in zip file format…logos, theme logos, foundation logos, partner logos. You will need to go to the Brand Center to get them.

Download Rotary logo packages here

Press Release Template for Clubs (Sample)

This is an excellent quick reference guide and template to help you properly compose and format a press release for your club.

News Release