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Minutarian Week 19: November 7, 2022

What a busy but fun week with 9 club visits, a club social, a cameo appearance at my own club, a welcome to PETS I at UNF and finally, an amazing win for the Jags, our Veterans and most importantly, Polio.

Last week, I failed to recognize that End Polio Co-Chairs Rich and Marie Turnbull visited the Rotary Club of Jacksonville and inducted 155 of their members into the Polio Plus Society, which is a commitment of $100/year until we eradicate Polio. Nice job RC of Jacksonville.  This seems like an easy commitment. How many members of your club have joined? Contact Marie Turnbull with questions.

Speaking of Polio, the Jaguars played up to their potential this week as we thanked our veterans and raised money for Polio. It is not too late to get your tickets or sign up to donate tickets to a veteran or youth in your community for the November 27 and January 8 games. Contact Patti Chapman if you have questions. It was a special treat before the game to tailgate with fellow Rotarians from Jacksonville Oceanside.

A fun meeting at the Rotary Club of Jacksonville where they inducted Dee Brown sponsored by Tim Cost, Matt Ohlson sponsored by Tom Bryan, and Leila Sundstrom sponsored by Pete Hicks. As a lifelong Celtics fan, this was pretty cool and to have UNF colleague Matt Ohlsen become a Rotarian, this was great and, with Leila’s high energy, the club had a great day!

This week we had a special treat as Zone 34’s major gift officer Debra Lowe was in town to visit with several major donors from District 6970. Debra and I did the Bike Ride to End Polio together and she is very talented at working with those Rotarians wanting to make a significant gift to Rotary, either now or as a Legacy gift. If you think that someone in your club might be interested in this type of discussion, please let either our District Foundation Chair Jeanette Loftus or me know.

A special evening at the Rotary Club of Palm Valley where President Zeke Paxton and I inducted new member David Bowling along with his sponsor, my dear friend Janeene Hart. Zeke also recognized Past Rotarian Will Burke as a new member of the club.

At the Rotary Club of Palm Valley, I also had the chance to recognize Past President Cynthia King for becoming a Major Donor.

DGE John Tabor has begun work on a new grant for Ukraine that will involve both generators and water purification systems. We will get this information to you as we proceed.

Member Profile
As we recognize our Veterans this week and thank them for their service, I wanted to mention one veteran, in particular, who continues to serve. Mike Blakey, President of the Rotary Club of San Jose served our country in Afghanistan and recently he helped his interpreter Shafi escape to this country after they killed his entire family for helping the Americans to gather intelligence. Mike continues to help Shafi to get settled. Please join me this week in thanking the hundreds of Veterans in Northeast Florida who have and continue to make sacrifices to protect our freedom.

Pictures of the Week
Rotary Club of Jacksonville Club President Jim Agee was reluctant to give me the bottle of Angels Envy Bourbon back. Gainesville President Greg Young. what is your club doing to get it from him?

Magic is happening with the Rotary club of Northwest Jacksonville. Thanks President Carlos Williams.

Thanks Theresa Shuster for joining me and President Larrie Beaudry at the Rotary Club of Greater Nassau. It was no coincidence that Maureen Michelman joined me on a visit to a club that met during happy hour.

Although we failed to take a photo at the Rotary Club of Keystone Heights (sorry President Richard Segall), Assistant Governor Scott Kornegay made sure he came over to join Assistant Governors John Smith and Gerald Watson for the Area 9 trifecta. President Matt Dyal surprised Foundation Chair and AG John Smith with a Paul Harris Fellow +5 and then John surprised Matt with his first Paul Harris Fellow.

A special evening at the Rotary Club of Palm Valley with President Zeke Paxton and it is always great to see Past District Governor Horton Hickerson. Unfortunately, I failed to get a photo with the trifecta of Assistant Governors Kelly Altosino-Sastre, Charlie Flynn and Sam Hall.

What a fun visit to the Rotary Club of East Arlington where I was joined by Assistant Governors Ron Heymann and Theresa Shuster.  We got to present President Sonja Jones with banners for both 100% per capita giving (EREY) and 100% average giving of at least $100 by the club for the Rotary year 2022/23.

What a fun visit to the Rotary Club of San Jose where I was joined by Assistant Governor Gary Williams.  We got to present President Mike Blakey and Past President Mike Farmand with banners for both 100% per capita giving (EREY) and 100% average giving of at least $100 by the club for the Rotary year 2022/23.

No picture for the Rotary Club of St. John’s which is totally the fault of the District Governor and not because Past President Mike Burch failed to do anything other than provide a warm welcome. Oops.

What a fun night of fellowship at the Rotary Club of St. Augustine with Past District Governor Cecil Gibson, Club President Claudia Dencer and Past District Governor Jerry Brackett.