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Volcano St Vincent 2021

On St. Vincent Active Volcano

Since early April there have been a series of volcanic eruptions in the Caribbean spewing out massive amounts of ash. These eruptions seriously compromised the island of St. Vincent and required evacuation of over 16,000 residents that were in harm’s way.  In addition, airports have been closed and substantial commercial activity has been interrupted.

Humanitarian Relief efforts are ongoing, and are focused on immediate needs including providing accommodation, food, and water to the evacuees of this island with a population of 110,000 people. These relief efforts are being led by the National Emergency Management Organization, which receives governmental and corporate funding. In addition, Rotarians throughout the world are making generous contributions.


Rotarians are involved in many aspects of the ongoing relief operations. There is an immediate need for funding since relief requirements keep changing.

Funds will be utilized to rehabilitate the economy and assist the displaced with housing, assist farmers with preparation and replanting, as well as providing aid to fishing and other industries that support many of families affected.

District Governor Lisle Chase and the entire District 7030 thank all those in advance for reaching out and supporting them.