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Continuing Spearheading in Zimbabwe

The Rotary Club of Ocala:

Rotarian Harry Thomas Coene (Tom) has been spearheading our grant for water and education in Zimbabwe. At a resent club meeting Tom introduced his partner Colin Kuhuni, Past President of the Rotary Club of Harare Highlands.

“The Musingwa Simple School Project (Zimbabwe)” was approved for a $120,250 grant from Rotary International two years ago. The funds will be used to improve conditions at The Musingwa Primary School, located in a remote area of Zimbabwe. The Rotary Club in the capital, Harare Highlands Rotary, is partnering with them on the project.

The school, originally, has insufficient resources, including a poor water supply, lack of electricity, not enough classrooms and teacher housing, an unsafe playground made of tree branches, poor school supplies, and no library. Additionally, there is no health clinic or treatment center, and the outside kitchen requires improvement.

Being a quarter completed, efforts are ongoing to finish the two buildings, electrify them, create a borehole and water line, improve the ablution and washing station, and enhance teacher facilities.