What to Wear

General Points

  1. See our blog with picture examples on Tumblr
  2. Wear comfortable shoes. We will be doing lots of walking
  3. Please dress appropriately. If you are unsure as to whether or not an outfit is appropriate, be sure to ask your counselor prior to packing
  4. T-shirts are not professional wear

Please be aware of dress code suggestions for the week:



  • Day Time:
      • Ladies: Blouse and Skirts/ Pants or Dress
      • Guys: Dress Pants/Khaki’s and Polo’s/Button Down
      • T-Shirts are not appropriate for the business sections.
  • Evening wear: Casual: Shorts / Jeans and T-shirts



  • Day Time: Closed-toe shoes and jeans for Community Service Project.
  • Night Time: Business Professional



  • Day Time: Business Professional
  • Evening: This will be a rather elegant night. The occasion is similar to homecoming. You can dress in that manner or better. Ladies, feel free to wear an elegant dress or nice pants and a beautiful blouse if you prefer. Gentleman, we suggest that you wear a shirt, tie, and jacket. If you are not able to meet these requirements, please contact your counselor so that we can make accommodations for you.



  • Casual Wear

Disclaimer: RYLA Staff has the final decision on what is considered appropriate for all attire. Refusal to change will result in loss of privileges. Revealing or grunge attire will not be permitted.