Applying for 2017-2018 District Grant

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You can prepare and submit your 2017-18 District Grant Application here.  Follow exactly the steps outlined below: 

  Download, read and retain the Terms and Conditions document PRIOR to preparing your application. (PDF)

  Download the Memorandum of Understanding. Read and fully complete the information at the end of the document and prepare the document for submission. (DOCx) (PDF)

  Download, Conflict of Interest Certification. Read, sign, and prepare the document for submission. (DOCx) (PDF)

  Download, read and retain the District Grant Report Form.  Make sure you fully understand reimbursement guidelines. (DOCx) (PDF)

  Download the District Grant Application in either or both formats (MSWord .docx or PDF) and complete ALL sections. (DOCx) (PDF)

 Once the ♦ District Grant Application, ♦ Conflict of Interest Certification, and ♦ Memorandum of Understanding forms are prepared, submit them as email attachments with your ♦ Grant Application Form to the District Foundation to the following email address:


Make sure at least one Rotarian and preferably all those involved in overseeing the project attend the District Grant Management Seminar at the District Assembly on APRIL 29, 2017.  THIS IS MANDATORY!